Here is a little egotistical archive of articles written by and about me - going back absolutely aaaaages and into the realms of both the very lo-fi and the weirdly mainstream.  At some point, if I have time, I may really wallow in these and dig out scans/links to put up here as appropriate.  I get the feeling that I am forgetting loads, so if anyone remembers any writings of mine that I don't, please let me know!

Daily Telegraph
News of the World - both articles about my 'wedding' at Reading festival.

Time Out (London) - various TV reviews.
The Nerve - interview with Skunk Anansie and various single reviews.

The Face - article on local bands (for which I was only half-credited and am still owed £50!).

2002 - 2004
Lights Out In A Provincial Town - self-indulgent weblog about Me and My Life.

2003 - 2004
AMPnet - 'Rubbish Me': a cute little story I wrote about a girl who copied everything I did.
Shampoo - 'Come Around for Tea': a (ahem) poem I wrote, actually cooler than it sounds.

Marmalade - an article about me and my artistic endeavours, with a cool photo and a mixtape playlist I compiled specially.
WGSN - photographed on Portobello Road for trendspotting website.

2004 - 2005
Shocking Blues and Mean Reds - a brand new self-indulgent weblog about Me and My Life!
Shocking Blues and Mean Reds: The Minizine - an old-skool photocopied fanzine about same, which got me some nice praise-y correspondence from The Independent, Lauren Laverne, 'JT Leroy', and a few others.
Gigwise - reviews and interviews for music website (I remember reviewing Test Icicles, Stoke Newington Festival, and phone interviewing Princess Superstar!).

Scarlet - article about corsetry, written by me and illustrated with a photograph of me and a painting by me.
Smoke: A London Peculiar - article about Camden, how much it means to me and how I'd grown out of it.

WGSN - photographed at Glastonbury by trendspotting website.

Situation Modern - writing on website of this art collective, plus live performance (more on this below).
WGSN - photographed in Soho by trendspotting website.

2009 - 2012
What Kim Cooked Next - guest recipes and reviews on this food website (run by my mum!).

The Express - massive and old photograph of me used to illustrate article about summer festivals, although I didn't go to any festivals that year (poor journalism!).

2011 - 2012+
The Perfect Mixtape - another new self-indulgent weblog about Me and My Life.

Mookychick - '10 Ways to Win at Chazzing': an indispensible guide to charity shopping, written by a veteran (me), for this v. cool teen/feminist/culture website.

Ponytail Zine - 'Brief Encounter': a little story for this gorgeous printed fanzine.
Cassiopeia - 'Footsteps in the Snow': a short story about tattoos that won the 'Story in the Soundscape' competition.
Dear Teen Me - a letter to my 17-year-old self for the very cool online project, alongside some of my favourite YA authors like Sarra Manning, Kirsten Smith and Rainbow Rowell - one of the things I've most enjoyed writing, ever, which you can read here.

Elle UK - 'The Year That Shaped Me'

You will notice that this trails off a bit as time goes on.  This is because I started a) concentrating solely on 'serious' writing, of novels; b) working in academic publishing; and c) thinking 'if I'm going to write words for people, they can pay me properly goddamit'.  However, looking back at this list now, I'm remembering that some of these were a lot of fun.  Maybe I should start doing some 'silly' writing for hardly any money again.

Other cool stuff I have done that sort of fits into this theme:

I played bass in a band called the Bullriders, and in a short-lived all-girl goth band called Absinthia.

I have 'starred' in two independent short films made by art students: in the first, I rode around town on a motorised mobility scooter with a 'just married' sign on the back with my friend Sara, dressed up like Jacqueline Susann or similar, drinking from giant decorative brandy glasses; in the next, I played the bride in a fictional rock n roll hipster wedding.  Neither of these involved any nudity - I just realised how dodgy 'independent art film' sounds.

I briefly founded both a Shakespears Sister tribute act and a burlesque tap-dance troupe, neither of which really took off.

I spent the summer I turned 20 working for MTV Asia in Hong Kong, organising a hip-hop festival.

I once played Anne Widdecombe in a rehearsal for Question Time (she was running late).

I had a brief period of making and selling erotic/fetish art under the name 'Lady Eleanor's House of Twist'.

I made and sold some cool lady clothes, 'FTV by ECW' under the banner of 'Flood The Valley' - which was my boyfriend's art/clothing company at the time.  I would rework the occasional faulty T-shirts into one-off fashion pieces so that he could still sell them (generally for more money); I also used to work on the FTV stall at Camden Market and at a few years of Glastonbury Festival, then their shop in Brighton.  Oh, and I also wrote some stuff that got them an article in Mayfair magazine (which I didn't realise was porn!).

My friend Neil and I wrote a trippy rock musical loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, which ended up folding before it opened because our backer went to prison.  True story.

In 2008, I performed my short story 'Leave Your Mind Behind Baby Jane' live at a multi-media art event in London called 'situation-modern' - wearing a Mexican dress and accompanied by my trusty cassette player.

If you can spot me on the 'wall', you can follow this link to see me in 2010, looking mad and weirdly chubby, making controversial comments I don't mean to piss off the Nirvana conspiracy theorists, whilst being interviewed on the subject of Courtney Love:

Gemini Rising press/reviews/articles:

Some gorgeous reviews - here are some of my faves from Total Teen Fiction, Pretty Little Memoirs, An Awful Lot of Reading and Tea Party Princess.

The story of My Journey to Publication.

The Musical Moments of Gemini Rising.

Why I Love Twins and wanted to write about them.

My Gemini Rising movie fantasies.

An interview with me and with my main character!

The films within Gemini Rising.

English Summer Rain - an article that I loved writing.