Curious about what I look like?  Well, hi there, No-one!  Oh, and your friend Ms Nobody-hyphen-Smith!

Well, I needed to have a photograph taken (that wasn't awful or ridiculous) for book purposes.  So, I decided to be brave and get my extremely clever and talented photographer friend Alexis Maryon to take some pictures of me.

We had a very fun day and (if I say so myself) the pictures are pretty wonderful (I don't really look this glamorous).

Have a look at Alexis' website to see what incredible company I am in...

All photos by Alexis Maryon, taken at the Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton.

2 commentaires:

  1. Are you nuts? These are not weird, they are Anjelica Huston and I'm very envious because I look like a cabbage patch doll come to life. Great photos by your friend, I wish he'd take my picture. The first one is sooo '60s too & the colors in the third are fabulous. Very nice Eleanor!

    1. Thank you, Susan - you are so lovely! I love Anjelica Huston. All down to the very clever Alexis! xx