Who are you?
Eleanor Claire Wood (ECW).  By day, I am an editor of academic journals; by night (and early mornings and weekends), I am a writer of YA fiction.  I live in Brighton with my boyfriend, where I also enjoy reading, cooking, ice skating, trampolining, cocktails, sunglasses, stripy T-shirts, running, going to see bands and films, planning my Future Dreamhouse, lipstick, singing in the bath, and pretending to be French and/or that it's the 60s.

Where else can I read your writing?
Well, you can read my novel, My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend! It's being published by Macmillan in June 2015, and it's a romantic and funny (hopefully!) story about music, blogging, fandom, friendship, Glastonbury festival and a girl called Tuesday.
I also wrote an e-book called Gemini Rising, which was published by Harlequin in 2013.
For any other miscellany, if you look at the 'Articles' page, it helpfully lists all of my other current 'fun' writing, and I try to keep this up to date.

And where else on the internet do you hang out?
Usually on Twitter, where I am @eleanor_wood - also on Pinterest, where I am at
I finally caved and you can now 'like' me on Facebook -

What is this weblog?
Somewhere for me to post all of my spare thoughts.  I try to keep it largely positive, and it is basically a love song to the things I love, obsess over and want to share.

What kind of jazz can I expect to see on here?
A lot about reading and writing, a bit about running and cooking and eating, the odd bit about art and film and fashion, obsessive music fandom, a healthy amount of geekery, a lot of ill-researched but strongly-held views about pointless stuff, unasked for personal details about my life.  That pretty much sums it up.  Wait!  Where are you going?

Can I get involved?
Yes, please - is the short answer.  I'd love to receive guest posts - please e-mail them over.  Topics I'd be especially interested in include (but are not limited to): a band that you are in; a band you love that I may not have heard of; reviews of books that may not have been widely read; general stuff that you really love and want to share with the world; people who are organising excellent and worthy events; new takes on feminism; preferably non-mainstream fashion stuff; anything riot grrl or old-school 'zine-related; hilarious tales, anecdotes and short stories of friendships, parties, chazzing and angst.

If you have a question, please do e-mail me and I will do my best to answer it!