jeudi 20 octobre 2011


I am fond of saying that my favourite Beatle is Paul, but my favourite Stone is Anita.  Yeah, I'm not really the biggest Stones fan - I can see that they're great and important, obviously, but I don't own any of their abums, and only really know the classics.

OK, but really my favourite Stone is Keith.  Even more so, now that I have read his autobiography 'Life' (co-written by James Fox, writer/journalist/husband of Bella Freud, my favourite knitwear designer).  I a a complete and total Keef convert, as, I am sure, is everyone who has read this book.

It is pretty much the most charming, honest, hilarious and generous-spirited book ofits type, by such a megastar.

I only really bought it in the first place because I am generally obsessed with that whole 60s music/fashion decadent vibe - I really just wanted to find out more about Anita and Marianne (both of whom I really am obsessed with), louche happenings in Morocco and Cheyne Walk.  By the end, I am simply obsessed (and slightly in love with) Keith throughout the ages.

I was moved to tears by his writing on about his son Tara, I was more fascinated than I cared to admit by his relationship with Keith, and even thoroughly entertained by pages, pages and yet more pages on the riveting subject of open tuning.  For the latter portions, my boyfriend and I were actually reading in tandem from the same book.  The main thing that came across was his genuine and completely undimmed love for music.

I was also pretty impressed by his recipe for bangers and mash.  Not kidding.

In fact, if he didn't have the habit of fondly calling women 'bitches' with casual alacrity, I'd say Keef was pretty mucch perfect.

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