mercredi 27 juin 2012

Mad M (Madame)

I may be going mad.  I don't usually like to talk about this stuff, but here it's like just throwing it into the void.  Rad.

Mania/depression/hurry up and wait.  Argh!  My head!

I am full of ideas but I am impatient and I get despondent so easily.  I am drinking a glass of wine and trying to breathe deeply.

Today I am wearing a striped T-shirt with a peacock-print neckscarf.  A woman came up to me earlier and said 'snap' as she walked past.  It took me about ten minutes of confusion, and then starting to get cross, before I realised that she too was wearing stripes and a scarf.

Today while I was out running I saw two magpies together.  I made a bet with myself that if I could run past so quietly that they did not move from the tree above, whilst making sure still to run at all times, then it would happen.  I won.

Please send me a bit of magic and make me right.  Don't let me be wrong.  ('Oh god just give me one more song so I can prove to you that I'm so much better than them' - as one heroine may say.)

Nam myoho renge kyo.  Infinity.

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