vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Themed Film Parties

From ‘witches and fairies’ at a friend’s birthday party when I was seven (I was the only girl to come as a witch) to ‘gangsters and molls’ as a teen (yep, I was the only girl who went as a gangster) and ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ as an adult (of course I went for the obvious costume choice of PJ Harvey), I love a themed party.  This runs in the family: for the last few summers, my parents have hosted ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Dallas’ themed parties.

I haven’t been to anything fancy dress in quite a while, possibly not this year – hopefully this will rectify itself soon.  In the meantime, my friend Ruth and I are in the process of organising what we like to call ‘Kardash-athon’.  The plan is basically that we will eat Mexican food (whilst this is not specifically ‘Kardashian – we briefly considered Armenian cuisine – it feels fitting as they, um, go to Cabo sometimes*), drink cocktails and watch episodes of the Kardashians, whilst dressed in bodycon and heels and a shocking amount of eye make-up.  Just because it sounds kind of awesome.

Themed afternoons/evenings around TV programmes or films are on of the best kinds of themed event, I find.  I did ‘Pride and Prejudice’ day with a group of friends once, round at my friend Camilla’s house, who is Austen-obsessed: we dressed in our most Regency-esque clothes, ate fancy hors d’oeuvres and watched the entire BBC adaptation.  At Camilla’s instigation, we then also had ‘Spaced’ day – which consisted of totally slobbing out, stuffing our faces  and watching every episode of Spaced.  Both were totally great.

I think I might go ambitious and plan a movie marathon next – I think maybe a Tarantino or Tim Burton fest would be quite suited to this.  Mr Nobody would be a great one, but I’m not sure I could make anybody else sit through the whole film.  Just avoid The Silence of the Lambs, Alive or Battle Royale – it might get messy.

* And Ruth and I both really, really like Mexican food.

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