vendredi 24 mai 2013

That’s SO Unlike Me!

This is a sentence I can often be heard to utter, usually when I have done something silly and/or careless.  I have been forced to admit that – as I am to be found uttering it so often – it may in fact not be true after all.

When I left a bag of presents on a train at Reading station: ‘but that’s SO unlike me – I’m always so careful with my things!’ I cried as the train pulled away, possibly stamping my foot.

When my handbag was stolen in my favourite bar, in a bizarre combination of mugging/distraction/weirdness: ‘but that’s SO unlike me – I never let my bag out of my sight!’.

Whenever I have a dreadful hangover: ‘but that’s SO unlike me – I hardly ever drink too much these days!’.  Ahem.

I caught myself saying it at Istanbul airport, juggling bags, passport and tickets and trying to find the cash for my visa – a circus of disorganisation and dropping things all over the place.  Then, halfway through, I twigged and burst out laughing.

I am disaorganised, messy and frequently drunk.  These are not good traits but they are very, very like me.  If you catch me saying otherwise, you have my permission to slap me.

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