jeudi 12 décembre 2013


This is such a weird thing for me to have become obsessed with lately.  Do you remember the TV programme 'Gladiators' from the early 90s?  When I was a child, I loved it; it was the cornerstone of my Saturday night viewing schedule.  My favourite gladiator was Jet, as she was so pretty and could do this cool thing where she pulled her leg all the way up to her face.  I imagine that she was many dads' favourite for not dissimilar reasons.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my mum and I both had horrendous Sunday morning hangovers.  Lying in bed with cups of coffee and a small dog between us, we happened upon a 'Gladiators' rerun on some obscure cable channel.  And it was great!  It perked us right up.

My (very weird) love for the gladiators is renewed - I have been looking up classic episodes online and finding out obscure facts about my favourite.  Jet is now a psychologist, BTW.  These days my favourite is Saracen, as I think he has a kind face for such a mountain of testosterone; he is now a fireman, apparently.

Seriously, it's worth a watch or a re-watch.  Such fun!

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