lundi 27 janvier 2014

Small things.

What with all the big plans and new year's resolutions and whatnot, at this time of year (January being the grimmest month; thank goodness it's nearly over) it's easy to get carried away.

It sometimes feels like I have to spend every single minute doing something really worthwhile.  Working on a novel or writing away at a million projects.  Running running running.  Travelling as much as I can.  Seeing my friends as much as possible and doing as many fun activities as we can fit in.  Reading ALL the books.  Watching films with subtitles.  Meditating.  Making lists of all the things I should be doing.

These are all excellent things.  Very worthwhile.

However, amid all my frequent proclamations of wisdoms such as 'fortune favours the brave', 'live adventurously', 'you only have one life so live it accordingly', 'don't look back and feel you wasted this time' etc etc etc - sometimes it's good to take a step back.

Do you know what?  I really love watching shit TV programmes in bed.  I will probably look back as fondly on all those evenings spent in bed with my boyfriend, watching 'Gladiators' and eating pasta, as much as I do holidays and gigs and professional successes.

That's OK.

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