lundi 3 février 2014


I was very much on the edges of Britpop, at the age of about 14.  I was a die-hard Nirvana fan, and then more into things like PJ Harvey and Bjork, but there were some really fun bands and I bought a lot of the singles mentioned.  I bought Wonderwall, of course.  I (obviously) liked a lot of the girlier bands such as Kenickie and Echobelly.

My boyfriend has a great theory about how you can gauge the strength of a  musical era - by its minor, B-list bands rather than the big players.  If you use this theory, it means that I was lucky enough to be in my early teens at a time when Echobelly were not even my favourite band.  If they were around now, I would be all over them - they'd be the best thing on the scene.  There were loads of great throwaway bands in the mid-90s: Supergrass, Sleeper, Lush, Garbage, Elastica.  Um, Menswear?

This documentary is a bit overblown and hyperbolic, but that's quite fitting, and I really enjoyed it.  Worth a watch.

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