vendredi 13 février 2015

Happy Galentine's Day!

Yep, I kind of like the whole Galentine's Day thing.  And, fortuitously, I am going out to dinner tonight with a gang of girlfriends.

So, tomorrow will be my first Valentine's Day 'on my own' in over a decade…  It's funny.  In recent years, I never liked to make a big deal of Valentine's Day, and would mostly just feel nostalgic for the long-ago teenage times when I would spend the evening hanging out with my friend Rachael, eating Pop Tarts, watching soppy films and moaning about our (usually unsuccessful) crushes.  In those days, Valentine's Day seemed FAR more important than it ever does when you're a grown-up with a flat and a job and an actual real-life long-term boyfriend.

Still, I always think in life that if your options are: a) be a miserable bastard, or b) have fun even if it's cheesy - surprise, surprise - it's always best to go with Option B.  So, my boyfriend and I would always go out to dinner or do something.

I will always remember the first Valentine's Day we were together…  I would have been (bloody hell) 23 - such a baby, and I was SO excited to have a proper Valentine's Day boyfriend, I organised a surprise Eurostar visit to Paris and dinner at my favourite restaurant in Montmartre.  I still have the menu from that night up on my kitchen wall; maybe one day I'll take it down.  I made him a card that said 'Happy Valentine's Day - don't ever leave me because then I would have to kill you and that would be sad'.  Like I said, such a baby.  In the end, no one person really did the leaving and fortunately at the time of writing nobody is dead.

This year, I don't feel sad so much as…a bit weird.  Well, and a bit sad.  That seems so often to be the case at the moment.  Which is OK.  Like I said, nobody is dead.

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