jeudi 4 juin 2015

In All Good Bookshops!

So…  Today I officially have a book out in the shops!  (As you may know.)  It is called MY SECRET ROCKSTAR BOYFRIEND and it is being published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

It is a romantic comedy for teenagers, about a girl called Tuesday (Chew for short).  She loves music and wants to be a writer.  She writes a music blog, which nobody ever reads, except for her mum and her best friends.  But one day her favourite rockstar stumbles upon her blog while Googling himself, and gets in touch with her…  Hilarity ensues (obviously) and Tuesday learns some lessons about life and love and stuff.  The story involves lots of music, charity shopping, Glastonbury festival and hair dye.

I had basically THE BEST FUN EVER writing the book, and the whole process of its publication has been an absolute dream.  (Much like the story itself is kind of a dream-come-true exercise in wish fulfillment.)

I wrote it really quickly, in about a month – although after that there was a lot of editing and the other ‘official’ stuff that happens before a book is published.  The original title was ‘Snog/Marry/Kill Your Idols’ before we eventually changed it to the much more accurate title it now has.

My very wonderful agent Caroline finalised the deal with Macmillan on her last day at work before going on maternity leave – and she went into labour the very next day, which is kind of cool!  I knew I’d picked the right publisher when I went to their offices to sign my contract and was greeted with a whole party of awesome people, fizzy wine and cupcakes with ACTUAL RECORDS on them.f
I’m so excited that the book is finally out today.  IF you read it I hope you love it and let me know.  (And thank you!)

E x

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  1. Hi Eleanor! Congratulations, what a dream! I'll let you know after I've got myself a copy & read.
    PS: Reading about the publishing process & time it took to write your book is realllllllllllllllllllllllly interesting.