mardi 17 novembre 2015

But what did he say?

For reasons probably best kept to myself, I had a hankering this morning to listen to You Said Something by PJ Harvey.

One of my favourite songs from my very favourite PJ album (and we all know how I love PJ, yes? Have I ever mentioned it?), it felt just right for my mood today.  Well, let's not exaggerate - my mood this minute.

Trawling The Internet to scratch this sudden itch, I specifically wanted to hear a version she did on Jools Holland about a million years ago, which I distinctly remember watching by myself in a tiny awful flat I lived in.  I remember Kelis was on the same show - I still quite like her.  She's a chef now, isn't she?

Anyway, while I was doing so, I came across this article - which I agree with, and which made me laugh.

And here's the song.  But not the version I was looking for, which I have been forced to acknowledge may not actually exist.  Probably about right,

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