lundi 27 juin 2016

No more excuses

I don't know why I always feel the need to apologise for a more 'serious' post here - or at least make a lame joke about my 'silly' little thoughts on matters, just because I usually witter on about music and books and art and FEELINGS and shit (although I'd genuinely argue that they have their own importance, too).

Well, no more.  I am not apologising.

I wrote recently about the importance of speaking out about sexual assault.  I've been feeling lately that this should be taken as a lesson and applied to all things.

Since the news of the EU referendum results hit on Friday, there have been a lot of 'let's calm down and stop going on about it' posts on social media.

FUCK THAT.  I am full of anger, sadness, fear, despair and total embarrassment at this horrendous outcome.  I want to shout about it and I think it is very important to do so.

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