vendredi 4 novembre 2016

The moon's too bright.

This brilliant long-form article about Leonard Cohen has been doing the rounds, so you've probably already read it - plus, the subject himself has since explained that he may have been in a melodramatic mood and somewhat exaggerating his current proximity to death.  Still, I cannot stop reading it.  It is properly wonderful.  And Marianne was so beautiful.

I know the world doesn't need more words about how much I love Leonard Cohen.  Everyone loves Leonard Cohen these days.  How could one not?  He's an 82-year-old living legend by this point.  It's not like when I was at school and friends my own age would say 'who?'.

So, obviously I need to prove it.  I love him the most.  I've got a Leonard Cohen tattoo.  I've been to Hydra.  I've been to Mount Baldy.  I've actually read his novels.  'The Future' is such an underrated album (but let's keep it that way, don't listen to it, please - it's mine, I've got a tattoo).

So...  Because it's the kind of mood I'm in, here is (in my humble opinion):

A) The sexiest song in the world.
B) One of my favourite romantic films.
C) Some of the best use of sexy music in a romantic film ever (see also: Betty Blue).

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