jeudi 16 mars 2017

Cryptic tales.

Last night I went to a party in an ACTUAL CRYPT.  It was awesome.  An actual crypt!  There were candles and secret passages and hidden rooms and piles of gravestones.  Also, some of my favourite people and a lot of cake.

This was for the fabulous launch of THE SCARECROW QUEEN by Melinda Salisbury, who is a rare and charming and staggeringly talented human.  She wears excellent dresses and every time I see her I seem to drink a lot of wine.  She brings a lot of joy and I am particularly excited to be working with her on FLOORED (our no-longer-secret project).

In other book things, I have recently read THE YELLOW ROOM by Jess Vallance.  Jess is another favourite writing friend and I can't believe it's taken me this long to read one of her books - it's properly amazing.  It's funny and creepy and very addictive.  Proper miss-your-train-stop stuff.

I have just started reading IF BIRDS FLY BACK by Carlie Sorosiak, which I am falling a bit in love with, despite being only about 30 pages in.

In other activities, I went to see Cat Power at the Concorde in Brighton and it was properly wonderful.  A special, lovely evening.  I truly love her.

Maybe it's all these late nights, but despite this week of fun activities, I was feeling tired and sad this morning.  Then, I stepped off the train and it turned into a beautiful day in London today.  Sunshine and blue skies and an air of spring in the ether.  Ballet shoes and a spring jacket for the first time this year.  Sunglasses and my nan's old silk blouses.  A black bra under a white shirt and pretending you are in Paris.  Promises of outdoor lunches and flowers in bicycle baskets.

I know I have posted this song a few times over the years, but I genuinely cannot think of a better soundtrack to a sunny morning.  I can feel it physically lifting my spirits every time I hear it.  It was the PERFECT song to come on as I walked along the south bank today.  It made me smile to myself, as it always does.  I highly recommend trying it.

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