jeudi 15 février 2018

Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year's Eve! We are leaving the Rooster and going into the Year of the Dog...

Last year, the Year of the Rooster was 'my' year. I got excited about this. I planned an elaborate themed party. I made vast trays of chicken wings (because cannibalistic roosters are funny, right?!) and 'red rooster' cocktails. I spent a small fortune on decorations and fortune cookies at the Chinese supermarket and wore a lucky red dress.

It was a fun night. We drew roosters on the walls in red chalk and I argued with a boy about Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Ruth and I were last up after everyone else had gone home. In the morning, cleaning up the kitchen took on a somehow profound tone as I kept finding fortune cookie mottos everywhere.

It was only later, when my friend and fellow rooster Katherine read up on it - which I had not bothered to do - we discovered that being roosters in the Year of the Rooster is not actually lucky. We are in for a much better year this year.

So, I've actually bothered reading up on the appropriate customs this year... This evening I will be cleaning my house and doing the washing. Tomorrow: wear red, don't do any cleaning, don't eat porridge or do any needlework, and don't under any circumstances wash your hair!

Worth a go, right?

In other news:

  • I had lovely Valentine's Day flowers yesterday from my mum (haha).
  • I am working hard on a top-secret writing project.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed and recommend Dolly Alderton and particularly Cat Marnell's memoirs.
  • I am feeling fondly towards badgers.
  • My friend Charlie has started a brand-new work-in-progress blog, The Unmisunderstood, which is worth taking the time to have a read.
  • My friend Jess is involved in this Stripes anthology, which I am excited about.

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