mardi 3 avril 2018

Oom Sha La La

I love this song and I have been listening to it a lot.

The lyrics make me smile and I think Haley Heynderickx has a lovely voice.

I hope it brings as much optimism to your early spring day as it has to mine.

I planted some bulbs at the weekend. I totally agree with all of the sentiments therein.

While we are on favourite current songs, this one is a definite tie for first place. The vocals are so perfectly classic, the first time I listened to it, I was convinced I had heard it before, in a good way. I'm still not sure whether this is just due to the general vibe, or because there is a specific song it reminds me of - please send any and all ideas on a postcard to the usual address. The lyrics are - once again - far, FAR too relatable.

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