mercredi 17 avril 2019

Things I learned in Japan.

  • Girls in Tokyo are wearing a lot of very wide-legged jeans and I am into it.
  • Cherry blossom season in Japan is much more magical than anything you have ever seen.
  • J-pop 4 ever (esp. Nucleus).
  • Pizza man. OMG.
  • I really like taking my shoes off and sleeping on the floor, wherever I am.
  • Buy a jacket.
  • Tap is my all-time Terrace House favourite.
  • Breakfast cake.
  • Get up early in Kyoto to see geishas.
  • Why *not* just wear dungarees very day?
  • I now genuinely miss having a lavatory that talks to me, plays music and has a heated seat.
  • Harajuku is for real everything you would hope and dream.
  • It's not as hard as you might think to communicate/get around/not be permanently confused, and you should definitely go. Definitely.
  • Go and see Japanese wrestling.
  • It's fun to pretend to be a rapper when hanging out in Roppongi.
  • Pretty much everyone you see will be awesome and you will kind of want to be them.
  • The deer in Nara Park are, as they say, everything.
  • Plum wine highballs.
  • MOS Burger.
  • Read 'Strange Weather In Tokyo' with a pretty cover, ostentatiously, in hipster coffee shops all over Japan. Not even necessarily Tokyo.
  • Vegan ramen is good when you find it.
  • I would like to move to Japan.

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