mardi 7 juillet 2020

Lockdown living

It's been so long! I'm still mostly indoors (although this morning I took my flask of coffee and my freshly baked pains aux chocolat to the park with my friend who lives down the road). We sat at opposite ends of a picnic blanket in the walled garden. It was wonderful.

I have a mini trampoline and I am obsessed. OBSESSED.

I turned one year sober and I had a birthday!

I've been working really hard and I am grateful.

I painted my stairs bright pink and decorated my bedroom.

My podcast is now on Apple! Look up 'The Staunch Podcast' and please leave a nice review.

Incidentally, if you have read my book and want to do a nice thing for me, please leave a quick review of it online somewhere. It can just say 'this book is good'. The number of reviews really, really helps, more than it saying anything useful or exciting. Something to do with algorithms.

Having not read a book in the longest time, I have inhaled a couple of books in quick succession: Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid and Hunger by Roxane Gay. Highly, highly recommend both.

But not as much as I recommend spending half an hour a day on a mini trampoline listening to a bad 90s playlist you have titled 'Gypsies, Trampolines and Thieves'.

My music tastes have become those of a middle-aged man. Been listening to a lot of Don Henley. Hmm.

I have taken up gua sha.

I have been writing just a very tiny little bit.

Tonight I will make two types of curry.

And... I think that's all for now.

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