mercredi 16 mars 2011


When I was little, I used to publish fanzines.  When I say 'publish', I mean type, cut and paste (with Pritt Stick), photocopy and post to my friends, often along with an accompanying mixtape.  They were rubbish; it was fun.

I found a stash of them the other day - my final effort as a shiny 21-year-old, almost too old for such things but not quite, just like with my dyed red hair and too much eyeliner.  "!The Shocking Blues & Mean Reds!".  If you knew me in the early-2000s you may have been familiar with it.  But probably not.  They included a random collection of my thoughts and opinions on such fascinating subjects as Jilly Cooper heroines, being mistaken for Cat Power, referring to one's pre-Winehouse beehive as one's 'killer Priscilla', "Which Valley of the Dolls character are you?" quizzes (Neely O'Hara, of course), and Why Boys Hate Vincent Gallo.

Then I got serious, started wearing more black, doing 'proper' writing.

Anyway.  Reading them back now, they were sweet (and very silly and a tiny bit arrogant) and they made me laugh.  I thought "wouldn't it be nice if I had a new repository for all the random thoughts in my stupid head?".

Maybe it will be fun for both of us.

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