mercredi 8 juin 2011

Amazon excite.

One of the nicest presents in the world has got to be an Amazon voucher.  It's such a luxury having 'free' money to spend on fun stuff that you might not splash out on for yourself otherwise.

So, along with a few gems from my own Amazon wishlist that were bought for me (Martina Rink's Isabella Blow book, the Ottolenghi cookbook - thanks, Joyce!), an electronic Amazon voucher from lovely Uncle Bear and Joss made my day.

Here is what I bought and why I'm so excited!

Dolce Vita - Iseult Teran; Paperback
A classsic that I borrowed from Ruth, kept for months, and am only just getting round to buying myself!  The only one here that I have already read and highly recommend.

Irm - Charlotte Gainsbourg; Audio CD
A Gainsbourg plus Beck?  How can you go wrong?!

The Best of Everything - Rona Jaffe; Paperback
One that I've been meaning to read for a while, and that suddenly everyone seems to be going on about - as usual, I don't like to be left out of the party.

I adore Emma Forrest and cannot wait for her views on a topic that I find endlessly fascinating (and those of the other interesting women whose contributions she has edited for this book).

Mexican Food Made Simple - Thomasina Miers; Hardcover
I recently attended a debate, as part of Brighton Festival, on 'The Pleasures and Politics of Food'.  It was chaired by the divine Jay Rayner, was extremely enlightening and thought-provoking, and I was left entirely impressed by Tommi Miers, who was on the panel.  I love Mexican food, and can't wait to get cooking it a bit more properly and healthily!

Somewhere [DVD] - Stephen Dorff; DVD
To go with my new Sofia handbag, obvs.

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