lundi 20 juin 2011


I love my Mooncup.  I don’t care who knows it.  It has changed my life.  I have tried to get pretty much all of the women in my life onto the joys of the Mooncup – only succeeded with two, and only one took to it.  I once threatened to buy Mooncups for my mum and sister for Christmas – they were both beyond appalled.  I think my mum told me I had lived in Brighton too long, before gleefully telling me that she LOVED using disposable, bleached and otherwise unhealthy products because she was not a hippie!

Anyway, for me, my Mooncup has changed my life.  The novelty has worn off slightly now, but in my early days of Mooncupping, I actually found myself looking forward to my next period!  The difference has been subtle but powerful – being able to see actual liquid blood rather than gory soaked cotton wool has made me feel more connected to and comfortable with the whole process.  It just makes more sense.

On a practical level, I have never had any efficiency/spilling/leakage issues – which was initially my main concern.  The thing I love most is that you can put it in preemptively and it’s perfectly safe – a real bonus if you’re as paranoid as I am.  Plus, it’s either in or it’s out – no need to carry around a suitcase of Tampax.

The environmental benefits are just a nice by-product for me – obviously a plus, but I probably wouldn’t persist in putting myself out if it wasn’t just the best option for me anyway.  The real thing I enjoy is that it’s constantly saving me money and has taken me out of the equation of being a captive audience.  I bought my Mooncup about five years ago, for about £12 from Infinity Foods (my local eco-supermarket in Brighton – don’t laugh!).  So, since then, I have not spent any money at all on an industry that (I believe) is not particularly kind or healthy to women.  That makes me happy every time I use my Mooncup, to this very day.

A girl I used to know years ago called Sacha – who really was a delightful and beautiful little hippie – used to tell me that she and her mum tried to visualise their periods as a monthly cleansing of all the bad things of the past month, physical and emotional.  I’m not quite there with that one yet, lovely as it sounds – but if you feel remotely interested (obviously, it’s your business), then I would heartily recommend the trusty Mooncup.

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