lundi 19 décembre 2011

In praise of... Emma Forrest

Dear Emma Forrest,

I'm really glad that you exist.

Firstly, because I love your work.  In this order, your books are some of my favourites: Cherries In The Snow, Your Voice In My Head, Damage Control, Namedropper.

When 'Your Voice In My Head' came out this year, I read it in one gulpy sitting and then it stayed by my bath and then my bed for most of the year.  It's now on the edge of the bookshelf, by itself, easy to get to.  I believe this is progress.

You make me feel hopeful because I think your brain and your body are both kind of like mine but better.  You had the kind of precocious career that I fully expected for myself and in my case only kind of happened.

Without meaning to sound creepy, I think if we met we'd probably be friends.  Maybe not.  You never can tell.  It's about magic as much as stuff in common, isn't it?  However, I think we'd have fun watching films and talking about Bruce and music and other cool stuff, swappping clothes and going running or to yoga together then having a cup of tea.

Thanks for doing good writing and living well these days.  Keep on keeping on.

All best,


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