mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Ideal Schedule

Recently, my boyfriend and  were out for a walk and saw that a house has gone up for sale in our 'dream road', close to where we currently live (but obviously way nicer) in Brighton.

We can't afford it, and probably never will.  But dreaming about my dream house also got me dreaming about my dream schedule.

Because living in a house like that would mean that the stars had all lined up and I could live my dream life.  This is what it looks like.

I would wake up early, take my small dog for a walk and then have a delicious and healthy breakfast.  Get dressed in smart work clothes and head upstairs to my office; my office is high up, on the top floor and with a lovely view of the Brighton roftops and sky.  It is also beautifully decorated, Farrow and Ball-ed to the nines, with a variety of inspirational pictures in antique frames on the walls (you know, maybe one of Virginia Woolf to celebrate the fact that I finally have 'a room of one's own', and other such brilliant people that might make me work harder), all of my books, an ancient desk and contrasting 'ghost' chair and maybe a squashy velvety sofa for moments that need a comfortable mull.  It's all mine so it's ridiculously girlie, probably the only room in the house that will be.

I'll wok hard for the morning, then break at lunchtime to - as I like to say - get out of my brain and into my body, which is where most of my good ideas come from.  By this, I mean spend an hour doing something purely physical, like going for a long run, going to a dance class or maybe hot yoga.  Usually it ends up being a run, as I can just put my trainers on and go - that probably own't change.

Then back to work for the afternoon, with a mid-afternoon snack and cup of tea, and probably a pace.  As my commute home will involve only walking down the stairs, I can work pretty late and it won't matter - so I'll probably keep clattering away until around seven, when I will go downstairs to cook supper, drink some wine, talk to my boyfriend about his day in the basement music studio, and maybe watch a good film before going to bed late.

That's the ideal schedule.  Too much to ask?

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