jeudi 7 novembre 2013


I don't want to make this a forum for rants.  Not all the time.  But so many petty things are driving me completely effing crazy right now!

A brief summary as follows:
  • People on trains: if you are reasonably young, able-bodied and perfectly capable of doing so, why do you behave as though it would actually kill you to stand up for a stop or two?  Is it really more important to you to have a seat than to be a decent human being?  This makes me want to cry.  Or maim.
  • Can we please never use the word 'hubs' (as in, short for husband) ever again?  'Hubby' is bad enough, but this even worse current trend for 'hubs' makes me so murderous I can hardly see.  This is probably also the time and place to note that 'other half', as a phrase in general, makes me vomit.
  • While we're at it, Twitter, can we lay off 'tweeps' as well, please?  It makes my teeth hurt.
  • If you are aged 20 or over (and I think I'm being pretty generous here), can you please not refer to yourself as a 'girl' or 'boy'?  You are an adult.  Please refer to yourself as such.  If you are calling yourself a 'girl' when you are over the age of 30, you probably need help.
Please do feel free to disagree with me vociferously.  It also (surprise, surprise) annoys me when people do blogs and then get all offended when people comment with anything other than 'OMG, you're so fricking great, I want to be just like you'.  Not that I have ever received a comment like that, but I spend quite enough of my life trawling pointless lifestyle blogs to know how it works.

To counteract all this negativity, um...  Snoopybabe?

You're welcome, internet.

3 commentaires:

  1. OMG girl! You're SO right! What a brilliant post - I wish I could be just like you! Going to make sure my hubs reads this tonight!

    Sorry, sorry. Have a Friday off and feeling feisty - which is rare for a 41 year old 'girl'!

  2. Okay but this post IS so freaking great.
    I'm suddenly very worried I may have referred to myself as a girl...because that is weird. I need to never do that. It is creepy.

    Months ago I commented on a blog with what I thought were...helpful tips? I was told the blogger wanted feedback on what they'd posted so I gave honest but kind feedback. I really went out of my way(give me an award right now) because I went deeply into their writing not that I'm an expert. I also noted that I was being friendly and that she shouldn't take my responses as offensive or something. Anyway this blogger turned into a total lunatic as a result and took her post down and then wrote a new one saying she had to defend her self from me or something batshit crazy.

    Basically I'm just saying FUCK EVERYBODY. good post!