dimanche 3 novembre 2013

The 'Other' EW

I recently received an email from Eleanor Wood.  For a minute I thought this literally meant that I had received an email from myself - maybe one of those online forms you fill in and it sends you an automatic email to show you it's sent properly.  That kind of admin thing.

It turned out not to be from me.  It was, however, from a lady called Eleanor Wood - who is a writer in her early 30s and lives on the South coast of England.  Pretty spooky stuff, right?

Fortunately, the 'other' Eleanor Wood is very cool and nice, and was also mildly spooked/intrigued by this coincidence.

She stumbled upon me whilst Googling herself.  She then wrote a really interesting blog post about it and, best of all, had the good manners to get in touch with me directly.


We agreed that it's lucky we don't share a middle name or initial - at the same time, it's kind of nice to feel that, if there's another 'you' out there somewhere, I'm pleased she's doing great stuff that's a bit different from mine.

We're all unique after all.  Aren't we?

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