dimanche 11 mai 2014


I have just returned from a week on the beautiful island of Hydra.

I confess I first heard of it because it was where Leonard Cohen used to live and still owns a house (I have form when it comes to Cohen-related travels - I've visited the monastery where  he lived in California and my Chelsea Hotel pilgrimage was obviously inspired in part by him).  However, although this was what piqued my interest, I was also keen to visit because it's a beautiful island with no cars and many donkeys.  So, thanks to Leonard for sparking off the research in the first place.

I had a really beautiful time on Hydra.  I stayed in a gorgeous little house with a roof terrace; drank a lot of coffee, which I don't usually like; did a bit of writing; went on a lot of long mountainous walks; slept unusually well.

Of course, I also listened to a lot of Leonard Cohen songs.  I also wrote some pretentious mini essays about them, while I was there.  I'm going to type them up and schedule them in here: one a week, on a Monday for the next little while.  You may have no interest in Leonard Cohen or my thoughts on his works, but I enjoyed writing them.  t's probably pretty tragic that this is my idea of holiday fun.

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