lundi 19 mai 2014

Notes on Cohen #2: So Long, Marianne

This song makes perfect sense here in Hydra.  I am such a dreadful cliche but I have been listening to it on repeat up here on the roof terrace, with its views of the port, mountains and Leonard's house.  I've also been reading, writing, drinking lots of coffee and wine at various times of day, doing a bit of yoga - of course.  Now I've seen this island, I'm not sure it could have been written anywhere else.  I'm writing on the roof terrace now.

Still, I once listened to a Radio 4 documentary about Leonard and Marianne, and it depressed me terribly.  she spoke of him as the love of her life; she felt honoured by the songs, by association.  He just made some amusing but slightly insulting comment about how he'd always accidentally mixed up friendship and sex.

This morning before breakfast, I really did climb the mountainside.  It even rained, a tiny bit.  It's sunny again now.

The jaunty beat of this is cleverly crafted to distract us from the fact that he is the baddy.  It works - of course.

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