lundi 30 juin 2014

Notes on Cohen #8: I'm Your Man

Like so many things, I inherited my love of Leonard directly from my mother.  Like my big teeth, my fondness for seafood, my expertise in taking things the wrong way and my nicely-shaped breasts.  None of these things was originally mine.

My mum and I are in perfect agreement that this is the sexiest song ever written.  I'm not sure whether or not this is just an obvious assumption.

Recently, I was in a car with a man, listening to music.  We were listening to the male version of a torch song, all the old tropes, all about ownership and blame, idolatry and objectification.  I duly scoffed.

"It's just all a bit... creepy, isn't it?"

He argued with me.  "Is that just because he's male, and older?"  He is also both male, and older.  "Wouldn't you possibly think it romantic otherwise?"

He may well have been right.  He did, after all, point out that I don't find 'This Is Love' by PJ Harvey - full of ownership and objectification - in the least bit objectionable.

However, I knew he wasn't right, because of this song.  It's utterly objectionable, probably, but I have never heard anything sexier in my entire life.  You may remember it being used to perfect effect in the film 'Secretary', which I happen to think is nothing but a sweet, beautiful romance story.

Whatever your overarching viewpoint, whether like me you are the staunchest of feminists, surely we all want someone to...

...crawl to you, baby, and fall at your feet.
And I'll howl at your beauty like a dog in heat.
And I'll claw at your heart, I'll tear at the sheet,
I'll say please.
I'm your man.

You know, whether that's Leonard Cohen, or James Spader, or someone else entirely.

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