lundi 7 juillet 2014

Final short notes on Cohen

Bird on a Wire: My least-favourite LC song, but I *did* see his house in Hydra, and there *was* an actual bird on the actual wire outside.

Who By Fire: Never fails to delight my boyfriend every time, as it sounds like LC is saying 'and who shall I say is Colin?', to which he can legitimately shout out 'my brother!'.

Leaving Greensleeves: In my opinion, the worst song he ever did.  In fact, I kind of think of the whole of 'NSFTOC' (although it has a few highlights that I love) as 'the drunk album'.  It's the only word I can think of to describe most of it.  It just sounds really, really drunk.

Old Ideas: Similarly, I think this album can mostly be summed up with his own one line "I know you have to hate me, baby/But could you hate me a little less?".

Joan of Arc: I just want to point out that possibly my favourite LC fact is that every time he sings about Joan of Arc, it's code for Nico.  I have much love for all parties involved therewith.

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