lundi 13 avril 2015

The First Bad Man

I have long loved Miranda July, ever since I went to see 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' by myself on a weekday afternoon in Soho after a job interview.  I think she's brilliant, and love all of her multimedia adventures.

About this, her first novel, I have only two words.  READ IT.

I have never read anything like it in my life, in the most disturbing and wonderful way possible.  I didn't know it was possible for a book to stir up some of the feelings it did.

Although it seems to have been everywhere for a while, I actually knew very little about the story itself before starting, and I suggest you do the same if at all possible.

I have already given my copy to a friend (who has finished and loved it) and bought a copy for another friend.  It's one of those books that I am desperate to discuss with other people.  Please tell me your feelings on  it!

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