mardi 26 juillet 2016

She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea

After my trip to Margate at the weekend, I've been feeling inspired.  Thinking about Tracey Emin and her Margate landscape, the neon sign on the seafront ('I never stopped loving you'), gets me thinking about Frida Kahlo and Marina Abramovic and all those other brilliant visual women I love so much.  Turning pictures into stories.

I truly feel that I'm falling in love with Margate.  It reminds me of Brighton when I first arrived (and even then I only caught the tail-end of it myself).  The crackling energy and the freedom to do great things.  An outlaw feeling and a pioneering spirit.  It doesn't exist here in Brighton any more.  Is it time for a new adventure?

Running around south-east London today (the other neighbourhood in my life - I'm full of duality, these days), all I wanted was to be back in Margate.  I didn't want to leave; I've been feeling a strange combination of inspired and strangely lethargic since my return.

I pounded doggedly along the pavements, sweating a pleasing amount in the humidity.  Then when I returned, a joy kicked in, as sometimes it does.  I sang loudly in the shower, feeling ready to start writing like a demon.

This song, which made me laugh (more thoughts on its genius at a later date, perhaps).  Maybe it's time for a change; I don't know yet.

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