samedi 15 octobre 2016

Radio Days

This is a secret London gem.  Honestly.  A total treasure.

Radio Days is a vintage shop on Lower Marsh in London, just behind Waterloo station.  Lower Marsh is one of my favourite streets in London (definitely top five).  It houses the sort of stuff that is sadly becoming rarer and rarer in Our Nation's Capital.  Proper greasy spoons, a weird spooky shop called Silver Witch, a not-that-sexy sex shop, Chariots sauna...

Radio Days sells mostly clothes, but also many accessories, vintage magazines, records, books, household knick-knacks.  The decor and atmosphere are like something from an extremely chic but slightly dodgy black and white movie.  The clothes are from the 1920s up to the 70s/80s, with perfect 1940s dresses and beautiful vintage lingerie a speciality - all pristine and so, so glamorous.  It is, basically, heaven.

The clothes are original and properly special in a way that is becoming unusual even in vintage shops.  There is wonderful music played on vinyl.  The owner, Lee, is dapper and chatty and a total delight, and often being visited by local characters that make it worth hanging around and eavesdropping.

I just bought my winter coat there - 60s, modish, wool, perfect fit, total bargain and Lee even gave me a discount without me asking.

So...  unfortunately the news is that they are closing down.  Another London gem gone.  This makes me so sad, but the temporary good news is that they are going to be open for the next three months only.  They want to sell everything off before then, so the place is currently packed to the rafters with truly amazing treasures, and there are mega bargains to be found.  Consider this a friendly public service announcement in the spirit of an old-fashioned London...

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