vendredi 6 janvier 2017

Sounds of 2017 (nothing new here)

So, I stayed in by myself for new year.  It was nice.  I did a lot of writing, built a fire (burned a bit of sage), sipped a bit of tequila, watched TV.  That was basically it.

As midnight approached, I thought about myself, my friends and family, my neighbours, the world.  All the things I am wishing for us all.  I honestly felt a great sense of joy and peace, sitting there alone on my sofa.

I could hear kids outside in the street (there was some sort of rowdy teen party going on down the road), see lights on in neighbours' houses and hear voices drifting in through my window.  I hoped for good things for us all.

When midnight hit, and fireworks went off outside and I heard someone shouting 'happy fucking new year!', I listened to this song - and it was true.

When I woke up in the morning, it was sunny.  As I got up to make myself some coffee, before a long wallow in a hot bath, I thought about what I wanted to be my first song of the first day of the year.  And what I put on the record player - of course, of course - was this.

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