jeudi 16 février 2017

Somewhere Between

Bonjour.  Been a while...right?

I've been ill.
I've been to Monte Carlo.
I've been listening to Lift to Experience.
I've been eating too much cake and blaming the time of year.
I've been watching Broad City (I've been late as usual).
I've been watching a lot of rubbish horror films.
I've been casually experimenting with headstands.
I've been drinking pink cocktails on balconies with boys (a boy) in ridiculous weather.
I've been not cooking enough.
I've been wearing two scarves at a time.
I've been buying flowers and looking forward to spring.

That's kind of it.  I'm probably forgetting some important things, but that's the way it goes.

Spring is in the air so much you can taste it in your mouth.  A week ago we were catching snowflakes in our hair, today I can see actual sunshine as I write this.  The south bank right now is a dream.  We're nearly there, comrades.

Heaven can wait and hell is too far to go...

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