mardi 29 mai 2012

Back to life

My holiday was really, properly brilliant (thanks for asking).

So brilliant, in fact, that I am seriously struggling to function back in the real world.  I spent a week reading books, eating feta cheese and olives and yoghurt, drinking local wine out of a barrel, feeding stray cats, sleeping and sunbathing and chatting and swimming and boating.

I can see why people seem to go back to Greece repeatedly.  I am taking this one step further and having full-blown Leonard Cohen-esque fantasies of moving there, preferably  for a winter, when it is cheap and I will be unusual.

I will rent a tiny flat and learn Greek.  I will buy an old-school typewriter and a moped.  I will feed the cats and write and write on my tiny balcony.  I will walk to the market with a basket and buy fruit, waving at the old ladies in their doorways as I pass.  I will collect shells from the beach and keep them on my desk.

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