mercredi 2 mai 2012


It's late.  I'm writing.  I fancied a little break, while I drink some hot water with lemon (I know, I know - I'm just like Kerouac).  Man, the only time I miss being a proper smoker is when I'm on a late-night writing session.

Now, we all know that I have a rotating cast of ladies who I get obsessed with on a cyclical basis.  So, as a fun little diversion, here are the two that are inspiring me tonight:

Tina Fey.  For her brilliant writing skills, ferocious work ethic, and Mean Girls.  This is why an old 30 Rock DVD is currently playing (quietly) in the background as I type at the dining table - I like to think it makes me about 30% wittier.

Gwen Stefani.  For her honesty about working hard (whenever I read an interview with her, I love her all the more and it makes me want to bother to go running and force myself to work when I don't feel like it, too) and super double awesome style.  This is why I am wearing red lipstick while I sit here alone in an empty flat, hunched over my laptop - I like to think it makes me about 30% more efficient.

Lest you think I'm going all-out glamorous on a solitary Tuesday, I should probably disclose that with said red lipstick, I am wearing an ancient yellow batwing jumper, a grey scarf and purple "Jack Wills Rowing Club" tracksuit bottoms, hair in a glamorous still-wet-from-running-shower-earlier plait.  Still, I like to think Gwen would approve.  Liz Lemon almost certainly would (especially as I may soon go to work on my Night Cheese).

Thanks, awesome ladies!

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