mercredi 18 juillet 2012


As I write this, I am wearing an outfit – thanks to our erratic English summer – that I have realised since leaving the house is a perfect synergy of my favourite fashion icons that happened to have the same name.

Black and white striped jumper.  Shorts and tights.  A peacock print headscarf.

The Edies.

Edie Sedgwick came first, for me.  The perfect dream future girl.  The youthquaker.  I could only wish to be that skinny and suit a platinum blonde bowl cut – but I could copy the stripes, the tights, the sparkling shift dresses and the eyeliner.  Even the drawn-on beauty spot.

Then came Grey Gardens and another two – Big Edie and Little Edie.  Of course, Little Edie has the look and the terrific dances, but they work best together – cocktails in jam jars and old housecoats as well as revolutionary outfits of headscarves and old furs and tablecloth skirts.

Put together and it really is revolutionary.

As ever, all of these women are a lesson in living bravely and brilliantly and dancing to the beat of your own sparkly drum.

In the meantime, ‘it always stays the same, nothing ever changes/English summer rain seems to last for ages’.  From the basement to the sky.

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