mardi 31 juillet 2012

This much is true.

In her ‘inspiring people’ series of interviews on her website, Oprah always asks her interviewee what they ‘know to be true’.  (I know, right?  But read the interviews; they’re surprisingly addictive!)  It’s a question that yields some fascinating and unexpected answers.

Thus inspired, here are the first facts that came into my head – some make me very lucky and some are sad.

I know for a fact that:

My mum loves me.
I will keep writing, for as long as I can, no matter what.
You can never completely know another human being.  (But you know that you can trust some people to do their best.)
Being really good at something is no guarantee of anything.
I will never like the bottom half of my body.
Exercise makes you feel better.
Not everything happens for a reason.

And here are some things I wish weren’t true and cannot seem to grasp:

Kurt Cobain is dead.
Chocolate spread will make you fat.
Red wine will give you a hangover.
I do not suit short hair.

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