mercredi 13 mars 2013

Cats and Dogs

Are you a cat or a dog person?  I just can't decide.

I love both.

My mum has a Yorkie called Lily, who is one of my favourite creatures on this planet and who we all adore with an extravagance bordering on psychosis.  There is nothing like a welcome home from a dog who loves you, and having a dog that loves you is an experience that I have found to be, genuinely, one of the nicest of my life.

But we have recently moved into a road with a lot of cats, one of whom has taken to hanging around outside the kitchen door and who has been edging closer and closer over days and weeks - much to my delight.  I feel we have a cool understanding going on.  In fact, these days I seem to see cats everywhere and I feel more and more drawn to them.  I am desperate for one of my own; ideally, I would like a cat and a dog, but I think a cat might actually suit me (and my arrested-development lifestyle) better.

This Pinterest page leaves me as undecided as ever, each time I update it:

So, in the end, maybe I'm most like Vali Myers - who has somehow sneaked in there with her pet fox.  Because a fox is a cross between a cat and a dog, right?

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