lundi 17 mars 2014

Nobody is entitled.

Everyone on Twitter recently seemed to be going bonkers about this article.  The comments were all 'woe is me', 'it's so hard these days', 'boo hoo, we deserve so much more'.  Etcetera.

It made me so cross that I had to abandon Twitter and go and bake a cake, which hardly ever happens.

People seem to have such a sense of entitlement.  This strikes me as being most rife amongst people who seem desperate to call themselves 'writers' without doing much work or, you know, writing.

I can assure you that, historically, there are writers far greater than you who had to have a day job.  It used to be the norm.  People didn't expect to live a nice, middle-class lifestyle solely from writing books that not many people want to read.

You are not special.  You are not entitled.  Just get on with it and forget all those 80s big-bucks publishing myths.

Yes, it's harder to get published these days.  So what?  It is what it is.  As I am always telling myself - yes, the bar is high; that just means you have to  try harder to get over the bar.  This is no bad thing.  Everything worth doing is hard.

No, there is not as much money about in publishing any more.  There is not as much money around any more, full stop.  Again: so what?  Do your thing, and stop feeling so bloody entitled.

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