jeudi 6 mars 2014

Top Lips

A very frivolous observation that might not be remotely interesting to any of you.


Newsflash: Topshop make-up is really good.

Really, really good, you guys!

I am currently wearing their lipsticks pretty much constantly.  Yep, I am having a temporary break from tasteful Chanel in favour of garish Topshop - sometimes a bright lipstick seems like a necessity, to me at least.

I am a big fan of 'Infrared', which is actually more like a bright orange.  I have also recently acquired a good dark/brick red called 'Hazard'.  I like that the names sound a bit dangerous.

A cream blusher called 'Head Over Heels' (less dangerous) is currently perking up my sad winter face, which generally turns a fetching yellow tone during these grim, cold months.  But it's the lipsticks that are really exciting me.

They are a perfect consistency - so much so that you can practically put them on without a mirror, even the strong colours.  Also importantly, they come in a hardy little metal tube that can withstand a lot of jumbling around at the bottom of the hell that is my handbag.

Also, duh, they are cheaper than Chanel.  Or Mac.

Public service announcement: over.

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