mardi 21 juillet 2015


Hello.  How are you?

Fun stuff going on here...  I recently went back to my old school to host their Junior Prizegiving afternoon, which was a treat.  I also had a lovely time at YALC on Saturday night (this was followed by a much-needed quiet country walk on Sunday).

The countryside is calling me, I feel.  In an ideal life, I would live in bohemian poverty in a ramshackle castle (just a small one would do), and commune with nature and write masterpieces all day long before going for a swim in the moat and playing the lute by candlelight.  Um, I may have stolen this from somewhere...

I spent yesterday ill in bed (nothing dramatic, but generally rubbish) and I am still feeling spacey today. (This could also be because I spent much of the day napping in front of old episodes of the Kardashians, which I'm sure can do funny things to a person's brain.)

So, nothing to say, really.

Oh, but I finally read Amy Poehler's book and highly recommend it to all.

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