vendredi 26 février 2016

ECW hearts...

Is it normal to get stupid celebrity crushes when one is a 34-year-old adult?  Just asking for a friend.

Most of my crushes these days tend to be on inspiring women.  And dead artists.  Oh, and I *do* spend an unholy amount of time fantasising about what it would be like to be best friends with Nigella - we sit around her kitchen table, I chat to her while she cooks, and the conversation gets increasingly filthy the more wine we drink, then we probably end up having a kitchen disco and eating Nutella with our hands at, like, 5 in the morning...  Anyway.

Still, I have been spending a lot of late-night post-writing time recently watching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix.  I have liked Andy Samberg ever since Celeste and Jesse Forever (which, IMHO, is a really great film*) but this was overshadowed by the gigantic girl crush I have on Rashida Jones.  Seriously, I love her.

She now has competition, as I now also love Andy Samberg a ridiculous amount.  He is funny and has a lovely face (literally my only requirements - the bar is pretty low these days).  Also, the fact that he is real-life married to Joanna Newsom absolutely delights me.  I remember reading an article once about how teenagers like their pin-ups to be single so that they can project themselves into the blank space of the girlfriend role (this is why boyband members aren't supposed to get girlfriends); but after A Certain Age, this reverses and we like men who look like good husbands (which is why older ladies all love Paul Newman and why I went right off Johnny Depp when he broke up with Vanessa Paradis).

If the goddess that is Joanna Newsom thinks Andy Samberg is good enough to marry, then he must be pretty great.  So, while I admire his face, I kind of like to imagine the two of them at home - you know, eating eggs, listening to the radio, brushing their teeth.  Not weird at all, right?  Totally normal.

*I remember reading a terrible review of this film when it came out, saying 'people don't talk like this in real life' - which is ironic, because I swear I have almost LIVED that movie and it was so close to my experience of real life that I found it genuinely uncomfortable to watch.  Maybe I'm not a real-life person.  Who knows?

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