mardi 2 février 2016

Hardly wait.

Today I was listening to this song (the proper PJ Harvey version from 4-Track Demos) and the image of Juliette Lewis singing it in Strange Days came into my head.  I remember watching that film as a teenager and thinking she was SO COOL.  Of course I had to find it and watch it again, and I still think she's pretty cool.

Maybe I'm in a 90s film sort of a mood.  Since going to see The Hateful Eight I have been staging my own little Tarantino retrospective, in order.  I hadn't seen Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction in years and years (and Jackie Brown not since I went to see it underage at the cinema!).  I had forgotten how absolutely brilliant those films are.  I love them.

And right now this has obviously reminded me that I really want to re-watch Natural Born Killers to take the Juliette Lewis coolness full circle.  Mallory Knox was a teenage idol of mine (aesthetically speaking, not in a murdery way) - I once went to a fancy dress party as her, complete with long blonde wig, leather trousers and bikini top combination and a huge fake scorpion tattoo.  My friend Russell made a very convincing Mickey.  I still think it's a great look, I must admit.

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