lundi 16 mai 2016


Today is my first real day back in non-hippie world after a week (and a little bit) in beautiful Ibiza.

We stayed in a lovely house by the beach; with a cat to fuss over, a roof terrace to sunbathe on and a trampoline for my daily exercise and general joy.  I honestly am not sure I have ever been purely happier than when bouncing on a trampoline in the sunshine, with Prince on my headphones.

We ate a lot of great food, swam in the sea and went for long walks.  On a rainy day, I even did a bit of drawing, for the first time in many years.  I did a bit of gentle writing and a lot of thinking, good and bad.  I left my phone at home (no Twitter! no Instagram!), and was surprised at how little I missed it.

I have come back with a suntan, a renewed sense of purpose and a cool painting by this lady that I bought in a Mexican restaurant.

My post-holiday shopping list includes a little trampoline of my own, a yellow vest and Reebok high-tops.

Now, back to the real world...

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