mardi 17 mai 2016

Talking so brave.

A conversation:

"I still think about him all the time."
"Every day?"

Later that same morning:

This song came up on shuffle while I was sunbathing in the garden.  Incidentally, I think this is a great cover - it retains the spirit of the (obviously wonderful) original, but gives it something extra.  Lightens it up, just a little.  In fact, I recommend the whole I'm Your Fan covers album (Nick Cave, The Pixies and REM being my other favourite highlights therein).

A thought:

The last line of this song.

'I remember you well, at the Chelsea Hotel
I don't think of you that often.'

I wonder, is that the aim, in the end?  The idea of memories receding fills me with terror, but maybe the aim is to be ready to let them get smaller.  Less often.  Less.  Let go.

Remember them well.  Think about them sometimes.  Just not that often.

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