lundi 12 septembre 2016

A room that is not my own.

Other people’s dreams are so boring. However, for some reason I feel the need to recount mine from last night.

I was in my old flat – my first Brighton flat, in fact.  The one high up in the middle of the Lanes.  A lovely (not to mention big and cheap) flat where I was so happy.

But it wasn’t my flat.  Apparently it was Virginia Woolf’s.  A tour guide told me so.

‘But that’s my writing table,’ I said.

‘No it’s not.  It’s Virginia Woolf’s.’

On a shelf cluttered with all of my things (‘Virginia Woolf’s things, actually’) I kept spotting objects that I had lost.  Relics from my past.  And I kept being told they weren’t mine.  They were Virginia’s.

I spotted a favourite necklace – one I used to wear every day, until the day I lost it when I was trying on bridesmaid’s dresses for Louise’s wedding.  I loved that necklace so much; when I discovered it was missing, I spent hours ringing around trying to establish where it might be and if someone had found it – to no avail.

I’m an overly superstitious person.  It was one of those moments in my life that felt like a bad omen.  Losing one of my lucky charms.  Like that time the glass horse fell off the shelf and broke – I knew it meant something terrible.  And it did.

I grabbed the necklace and made a run for it.  I woke up, panicked, in bed with my mum’s dog.  It took me a moment to remember where I was, not at home.

Maybe it’s not a sign.  Maybe I’m just bored on a Monday morning and that’s why I’m Googling ‘dream of lost object’ and ‘finding lost things in a dream’.  It’s confusing me – finding lost object (good!), only to be told it’s not really mine.  Maybe that’s the point.  I like to give everything a neat narrative that maybe it doesn't have.  Lesson?  Yeah.

Finding an item you've lost can mean you're feeling you've regained something you've lost in real life (a relationship, happiness, source of income, etc.), or that you'd like to regain it.

Finding Something – If you dream about finding something, this is a sign that you will soon make an important discovery. This may be a missing piece of information that you have been struggling without, or it may be a new discovery that will prove pivotal in some way. If you dream that you have lost a trinket or memento that has some emotional significance, especially as related to another person, this is an indication that you are experiencing some sort of struggle or insecurity in your relationship with this person. If you dream that you have found the trinket you were searching for, this is a sign of future reconciliation and resolution.

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