lundi 22 août 2011


“It’s the tits!”, it says.  And it is!

AMPnet is a website that I was utterly obsessed with back in the very early 2000s.  It is no longer super-current (I’m not sure it’s updated any more), but it’s still there and it’s still relevant and it’s well worth a look.  The work of a genius writer called Miss AMP (Anne-Marie Payne), who also wrote for great magazines like the sadly missed Careless Talk Costs Lives and then Plan B, the website was a spin-off of a mini print zine by the same name.

It struck a finely tuned balance between being fun and enthusiastic, in a hipster-ironic tone, and covering some quite important points all at once.  With articles about hot fat chicks and learning to pee standing up (all divided into helpful categories such as ‘feministing’, ‘sleaze’, ‘chazzing’ and ‘rock n roll’), interviews with cool people like Cat Power and Gwendoline Riley, it was also where I first heard of the Mooncup (thanks, AMP!) and one of the main inspirations in starting a mini-zine of my very own back in the day.

Everything on there is still so cool, it’s really worth a trawl through the archives – just the vintage weblog posts could keep me occupied for years.  I actually had a few articles of my own published on there, in the dim and distant past – as such they’re quite tricky to locate now but I think they’re still there somewhere.  If you have any luck with this, please let me know and send me a link – because I am EGOCENTRIC and would LOVE to reread my own old words, obvs.

You need this stuff in your life, basically – check the link in the ‘Stuff I Love’ sidebar.

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